Retreat Glitch

Use Retreat when you don't have enough PP.

Sets Current Map and Door number to the room you'd retreat to without switching maps.

Option 1: Going through a door will go through one on the Retreat map.

Option 2: Out of Bounds Glitch - Save, and reset, when you load the game you may appear out of bounds depending on where you were.


Map Code Soft Reset Glitch

A small number of Map Code files may set up data that is used after them. While they are set up properly when you enter a room, they're not when you load the room from boot.

Ankhol ruins glitch: (There are no other places where this works.)

Save in the room before you stand on the switch, after you stand on the switch, do a soft reset. (A+B+Start+Select)


Djinn Overflow (May or may not require hacking?)

When a character has like 13+ djinn and you scroll down/up through them, the game can freeze. This is because the selection is going off-screen, into the panel data. (With Xor(?) 0x1000 going across six times) Follow pointer at 0300003C.

If you have more than 10 djinn, djinn for the next character may show up.

When you obtain djinn in gameplay, you will only be able to receive up to 9 djinn per element per PC regardless of how many PCs are in your team.